What is your skater name and number?

How did you choose your skater name?
I picked this name because I’m a mental health nurse, I love X-MEN and I’m kinda mental wink emoticon I skated as “ScotLAND a Hit” for 4 seasons. I’m from Scotland and I like to hit!

Which team do you skate for (ICT All-stars or Havoc)?
All Stars

How long have you played roller derby?
Since March 2011 for ICTRG!

What position do you usually play?
I’m normally Pivot or Blocker

What made you want join to roller derby?
I LOVE strategical sports! I really enjoy how physical Roller derby is, and I LOVE watching (playing) a sport that is primarily dominated by women. Roller derby gives me such an adrenaline rush, but also makes me very calm. It’s the BEST! So much fun!

What is the most challenging thing about roller derby?
It’s hard on the body! These hits are REAL! After a few years my body adjusted, and it adapted to the amount of trauma I put on it. Go run into a wall…I do something similar three times a week wink emoticon

What is the most rewarding thing about roller derby?
The feeling I get when my team does well…ALL OF THE FEELINGS! We put our heart and soul into our team, and when that work pays off…..ahhhh BLISS! I love seeing people improve, I love seeing the joy that roller derby brings to other teams and fans. We are a worldwide community of dedicated athletes, who put our heart and soul into this fantastic sport! You wanna join now, right? Do It!

–Artwork by X-Mental

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