What is your skater name and number?
Rogue Weaver, s2

How did you choose your skater name?
It’s meant to be a play on the “rogue wave” phenomenon. I do weave, on skates, and with string.

Which team do you skate for (ICT All-stars or Havoc)?

How long have you played roller derby?
13 months

What position do you usually play?

What made you want join to roller derby?
Like many others, I joined when I was going through a trying time in my life. I always had an interest in the sport, but was too afraid of its various challenges. At that time in my life, I needed something outside of myself to spend time and energy on. Since I already enjoyed recreational skating, it seemed like the right time.

What is the most challenging thing about roller derby?
Sometimes it’s hard to keep in mind that we are each in our own derby journey, and that it’s necessary to make mistakes in order to mature and improve. The physical challenges are ever-present, but become easier if the mental and emotional challenges are met with courage.

What is the most rewarding thing about roller derby?
Gaining strength, skill, personal growth, camaraderie, and friendships
–Artwork by X-Mental

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