What is your skater name and number?
dogpile, #11

How did you choose your skater name?
It’s a double meaning, when I started roller derby I had a house full of dogs (11 to be exact) and also a reference to a pile of bodies on the floor, which I like to create with big hits.

Which team do you skate for (ICT All-stars or Havoc)?
ICT All Stars

How long have you played roller derby?
I started in January of 2007, so 2016 is my 10th season.

What position do you usually play?
The last 3 years I have been a full-time jammer- before that I had been a full time blocker. I’m amazed every day at how much I have changed and how much derby has changed over the years.

What made you want join to roller derby?
My good friend Janel “Shuggie Shevelle” helped get my foot in the door. I am a strong girl, I like to play aggressively and play rough, and throw my weight around, this is everything I ever wanted. I get to be a GIRL, be strong, have fun, and get exercise. Win win win win win!

What is the most challenging thing about roller derby?
For me personally I have trouble learning “plays”. It took me 6 years to learn what offense and defense mean, I would say “tell me either ‘help’ or ‘kill’, I understand that!”

What is the most rewarding thing about roller derby?
So many things… I love the SUCCESS- the success of our newbies learning new things, watching their eyes light up and seeing the love of derby fill their souls. The success of our entire team coming together, trusting each other, working hard for each other, and all the love. The success of my personal journey, pushing myself to the limit, always, trying to get better, and seeing the results of that hard work.
Roller derby changes everything. It makes life better.
–Artwork by X-Mental

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