ICT Roller Derby

Our League is comprised of 40+ skaters, coaches, and numerous volunteers.

The three teams in our league are:


The All Stars are ICT Roller Derby’s WFTDA-chartered team. These ladies represent ICTRD in regional games, as well as WFTDA-sanctioned tournaments in the area.

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ICT Havoc is ICT Roller Derby’s team of up-and-coming and recreational skaters. These skaters compete with other recreational leagues and traveling B-teams in the region.

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ICT Roller Juniors

Parent run & trained by ICT Roller Derby, ICT Roller Juniors are skaters aged 12-17. These girls are full of energy and spunk on the track.

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Skating Officials

Keeping the skaters safe, enforcing the WFTDA rules and maintaining a fluid game are just a few of duties of Skating Officials. Interested in becoming a ref?

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Our Non-Skating Officials are essential to ensuring smooth game play. Interested in helping NSO?

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Bomb Run Brit #52

dogpile diva #11

Mad Moxie #33

Rogue Weaver #2

Stormy Weathers #58

The PAINguin #527

GekkaBeatdown #18

Candii Crusher #22

Vanilla Slice #7108

Ann T Histamine #0

BB Gunner #45

Nightmare Sally #42

Nova Klutz #9

Soul Taker #666

VamPounder #79

Slamwich #84

Sugar Rage #6

Bruiser #66

Chocolate Slice #93

Jax Kerowhack #57

Katniss Evermean #55

No‚ÄĘPain Maryjane #710

Royle Tease #113

Vixen 2 Rock #12

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