Frequently Asked Questions

What is Roller Derby? 

Roller Derby is a fast paced, full-contact sport on skates. There are 5 players from each team on the track at a time. One is the Jammer (designated by a star on her helmet) the rest are Blockers (the lead blocker is called a Pivot and has a stripe on her helmet). The goal is for the Jammer to get through and pass the Blockers. After the first pass through the pack the Jammer starts scoring points. Which ever team has the most points at the end of the game wins! For more information about the rules visit the rule page.

What does ICT stand for? 

ICT is an abbreviation of Wichita and is the airport code for the city. We are known as the “Air capital of the World” because we are centrally located and aviation is a leading industry.

What is WFTDA? 

WFTDA is short for Women’s Flat Track Derby Association. If you have never heard of WFTDA you may not know that it is the international organization that influences flat track roller derby on a national level. Our All Stars team is very proud to be a part of WFTDA as a sanctioned team. To find out more visit

Do we get paid to play? 

No, we pay monthly membership dues to rent rink time for practice and purchase insurance to be able to skate. We are always looking for sponsors to help pay for the costs to continue skating. If you are interested in donating or becoming a sponsor click here for sponsorship opportunities.

Can I join? 

Roller derby is a very inclusive sport that welcomes many people from all different walks of life. If you are interested in skating, reffing, or volunteering as a NSO (non-skating official) we would love to talk to you.

Where do we play? 

Our home rink is Skate South and this is where we practice, however we love to invite all of our fans to the home games so we set our game day track up at the Cotillion.

What kind of gear do we wear? 

Skates – Quad’s no blades. That is how roller derby started and that’s what we skate on now.

Mandatory protective gear consists of a helmet, a mouth guard, elbow pads, wrist guard, and knee pads.

Optional gear that some skater utilize are shin guards, ankle braces, knee braces, padded shorts, hard bras, and face masks.

There are many types and brands of gear out there and it is left up to the skater’s preference what they skate with.

When did roller derby start? 

Roller skating races which was the origin of roller derby started in the 1920’s. The hitting and falling became part of the sport towards the late 1930’s. Roller derby increased in popularity in the 1940’s when it started to be televised. In the 1960’s roller derby franchises formed and the athleticism took the backseat to the entertainment value of roller derby until the mid 70’s. The 80’s and 90’s offered RollerGames which consisted of figure 8 track and obstacles.

In the early 2000’s roller derby started up in Austin Texas and picked up like wildfire. The introduction of flat tracks opened many more venue options for the sport to expand and in 2010 there were more than 450 leagues worldwide.

For more deets on the history of roller derby visit Wikipedia

Why do we have roller derby names? 

Why not? As a skater when you get on that track you are in your element. Having a name helps you identify with strengths or qualities about yourself that help empower you. It makes it fun for players and for fans. There are lot’s of Heathers, and Jessies, and Michelles, but generally there aren’t multiples with your roller derby name in your region.

Where'd the fishnets go? 

Fishnets are fun, and at events, mash ups or “for fun” games they may make an appearance, however we really love to be seen as the athletes that we are and choose to maintain a uniform look. We train just like any other athletes would on and off the track.

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Is roller derby family friendly? 

Yes, Absolutely! We have fans of all ages, young and old, it feels amazing to hear people cheering us on as we go head to head with competitors. Also a bonus, children aged 11 and under are FREE!

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Can I get a photo with the ICT Roller Derby skaters? 

Yes! Contact us so we can plan for a photo before or after the game. Also, if you see skaters in the crowd at the cotillion you may ask us questions about roller derby and we would be more than happy to take photos and give autographs. You will make our day! We love talking to our fans, if you would like to send a shout out to your favorite player and/or tell us about your roller derby experience visit our Fan Love page to submit it and you could be featured online!

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