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What is your skater name and number?
BOGO #241 (Two for One… get it?)

How did you choose your skater name?
It shall remain a mystery…

Which team do you skate for (ICT All-stars or Havoc)?
ICTRG All Stars and ICTRG Havoc. I play for whichever team needs me, and sometimes both.

How long have you played roller derby?
This is my 3rd season with ICT Roller Girls.

What position do you usually play?
Utility player! Jamming, blocking, pivot, bench coach, super fan… I like it all!

What made you want join to roller derby?
It was a magic combination of things. I was between things in life and had some time on my hands. I had recently seen the movie “Whip it” and could relate. I loved skating when I was a kid. When a recruitment flyer popped up on my Facebook, it was the right time and right place for me. It was meant to be…Those things made me join, but my teammate at ICT Roller Girls made me stay.

What is the most challenging thing about roller derby?
Surviving the first 6 months. I cried a lot, and left practice angry. I couldn’t skate fast enough, I was clumsy learning new skills, and I really didn’t even want to play. But I loved skating so I kept coming back. Every season I set a ‘challenge’ for myself in derby. Last year, the challenge was to sign up for every single roster and not back down even if I was nervous or it was a hard game, or get upset that I was not the best person on the roster. This season I have challenged myself to become a ref and NSO, which is intimidating!

What is the most rewarding thing about roller derby?
Coaching new skaters and our juniors team is the best. I can relate to the ‘deer in headlights’ feeling of being new, but watching it all click for a new skater melts my cold heart.
–Artwork by X-Mental